Dear Friend

Thank you for your interest in 2020 Films and our project Hitler’s Gold. Upon review of the materials enclosed we feel confident you will discover a powerful investment opportunity. We invite you to join us in our commitment to delivering a quality film of hope, perseverance, and faith that will touch the audience in extraordinary ways.
As an investor you will be a part of a project that responds to the needs of audiences starved for professionally produced documentary films. Hitler’s Gold is in the enviable position to contribute to and directly benefit from the intrinsic green in people and beliefs that have made mankind a beacon of survival for people all over the world. In times of challenge, we have always utilized entertainment to escape, learn, be inspired and explore ourselves in the stories we experience. For this reason Hitler’s Gold speaks directly to our imagination and will have widespread box-office appeal.
This offering represents an opportunity to profit from this film’s box-office revenues. In addition, as an investor in Hitler’s Gold you also directly benefit from an equitable and generous financial structure that encompasses a number of the major revenue sources including DVDnetwork TVcablepay-per-viewInternetmerchandising and all ancillary revenues from the movie.
The producers involved in Hitler’s Gold have a profound sense for what the market demands while some of the most successful and recognizable films of all time have been funded by private investors.  Your decision to align yourself with 2020 Films and to participate in the making of Hitler’s Gold places you in a lucrative position. You will have joined a team that is committed to producing a quality documentary feature film.
Please contact me directly to share in this opportunity. We look forward to your participation and to establishing a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Ray Striler
Executive Producer
2020 Films

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