Nazi gold deposit 1945

Imagine a lake more mysterious than Loch Ness – a lake that hides a secret no one was meant to discover. There is such a place high up in the Bavarian Alps. It is a lake called Walchen.Early one morning in May1945, Nazi S.S. officers sank a number of wooden boxes in Walchensee. Legend has it that the lake conceals everything from Nazi gold to the darkest secrets of Hitler’s Reich.

It is our intention to lead an underwater expedition in search of those boxes.

It is hard to imagine a better place to hide. In a dense mountain forest, Lake Walchensee lies secluded, folded deep into the Alps. It is  large – thirty seven kilometers around it. What is daunting is the depth.

Getting to the bottom of Walchensee is a journey. After 30 feet, the sun goes dark. Below 100 feet, the water is nearly freezing. At 648 feet, the bottom comes into view. There is no life (no plants and no fish) because there is no oxygen in the water. In 1945, Walchensee was practically as remote as the moon. And with secrets to keep, Walchensee was just what the Nazis were looking for.

Feb. 23, 1945: Hitler’s Reich was tumbling down. The Allies were closing in and, in bombed-out Berlin, the Nazis were scrambling to truck their most valuable secrets out of town.

By April 1945, Hitler was dead in Berlin, and the Allies were closing in all around. You could actually hear the artillery echoing in the mountains. Many of the last leaders of the Nazi regime fled there – some to make a last stand, others to try to save some remnant of the Reich in hope of starting over one day.

Eye witnesses said each box was labeled with bold-painted letters and a corresponding number.

They carried three boxes to the lake. I saw how they went on to the lake and dropped the boxes into the water…. The S.S. kept shoving me away but I saw the boxes were sunk into the lake,” the witness said.

The Nazis knew that searching a place so cold, so dark, and so deep wouldn’t be possible with the technology of the time. But they couldn’t have foreseen a phantom in the future.Discover where gold is today

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