Hitler’s economic arsenal was gold which was stolen from central banks of European countries occupied by the Nazi regime. Half of the $625 million (in 1945 dollars) was never recovered. This is the fact-based story of the hidden gold.Hitler’s Gold Screenplay

At the end of the War Bavaria was in chaos as the gold arrived from all points of Germany. The German leadership was frantically deciding where the loot would go. One decision put gold bullions in Lake Walchen (Walchensee) in the Bavarian Alps.

Twenty years later it was discovered serendipitously by the Commander of the Special Forces Underwater Recovery Team unknowingly while on a mission dive. This fact is lost forever when he is killed in Vietnam. However his son finds a diary that has information in it that could lead to the site of the gold.

Forty years later the son pieces the puzzle together and dives in the Walchensee for the gold. His discovery is monumental and the biggest surprise of the decade.

  1. Hitler
  2. Gold Cache

Movie Location

Garmisch, Mittenwald, Bad Tölz and Walchensee Germany.



Hermann Binek, Ray Striler, Cole Striler and Summer Brooke

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